Pilates Or Stretch For Back Pain

August 24, 2009

Pilates and Stretching Exercises: The Newest Alternative for Relieving Back Pain

Back pain has been around for years and will continue until the end of time for the majority of all mankind. It usually starts off small and can be felt in the form of a dull ache, a stabbing pain, a shooting sensation, or prickling sensation. Some people claim they have numbing pains, while others state they cannot describe their back pain because it hurts so badly. Pilates and stretching is one of the newest ways to get rid of back pain, and it works.

Although Pilates and stretching have been around for quite some time, more and more people are beginning to catch on to how well it helps get rid of the pain in their back. When someone has this type of pain, there is usually something wrong physically with their back. A disk is usually out of place or herniated, there is a torn ligament, a tense set of muscles, or complete misalignment. All of these problems can be corrected by using Pilates and stretching.

The muscles that are mainly targeted during Pilates are the buttocks, lower back, hips, and abdominal muscles. Certain instructors will refer to this particular part of the body as the “box” or “core”. It is essential that your core be tight and strong because that is where everything comes together. When you are sitting, pressure from all parts of the body is applied to the center, so it is easy for it to become misaligned or strained. A lot of people assume that exercise will only add to the problem and make the area even more tight and tense. While doing Pilates and stretching does tighten the area, it is not the kind of tightness you may be thinking of.

Add strength and adding tension and stress are two different things. Another misconception has to do with most people’s assumption that they will be unable to perform these exercises because of the pain they are already experiencing. Pilates and stretching exercises are performed very slowly and involve lots of deep breathing during the process. Once you have begun doing the exercises on a daily basis, you are likely to question if you are really exercising or not. That is how simple the movements are.

One of the most important aspects to these types of exercises that make everything come together as it should is that it is done consistently. Once a week will not be enough to help rid your back pain. These exercises need to be performed at least three times per week. You are likely to notice a difference the very next day after performing your first set of exercises. You’ll be working out all of the stress and tension which is going to take the pressure off of your muscles and spine. Once the pressure is released, you are going to feel a tremendous amount of relief and your back will start to feel very relaxed. All the while, you are going to be adding more strength to the painful areas. Ultimately, that strength is going to be replacing the pain.

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